Steven A. Davis

Steven A. Davis sidebar photo

Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer

Bob Evans Farms, Inc.

“INROADS Leadership Development Institute training is essential. I’ve drawn upon these skills during my career and they’ve led me to success.”

-Steven A. Davis

“INROADS helped me move from working in a grocery store to an internship that was aligned with my college major,” says Steven Davis. “INROADS is a pathway to corporate America,” he adds.

Steven is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board of Directors for Bob Evans Farms, Inc., a publicly held restaurant and food products company, with sales of approximately $1.6 billion.

“My INROADS experience really exposed me to people I ordinarily would not have come into contact with,” says Steven. “My first mentor has retired, but we still keep in touch and he is still my mentor.” Steven also credits INROADS with helping him to get into graduate school at the University of Chicago.

“During my internship at Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Company, I wanted more responsibility. I knew I could have more of an impact on the company’s bottom line. Because of my INROADS assertiveness training, I created a business case, outlining what I wanted to do and how the company would benefit. I got the added responsibility, but most importantly, this taught me how to negotiate in a corporate environment,” says Steven.

INROADS Leadership Development Institute training is essential. “I followed those teachings and the applications not only got me through my summer internships, but I’ve drawn upon these skills throughout my career and they’ve led me to success,” says Steven.

INROADS Alumni are proud of their accomplishments and the organization that helped them get there.

“When I first got into INROADS, if someone got to a director or vice president level, it was big news. Today we are Presidents and CEOs, and some of us are corporate board members. I believe that INROADS Alumni have a positive obligation to give back and help others. I have remained active in the Alumni organization, since graduation. I am happy and pleased to do so,” Steven says.