Possibly losing my life led me from the street corner to the corner suite by pushing me into my studies, which led me to INROADS and the success that I enjoy today.

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David W. Brown

Vice-President, Marketing and Outreach

United Healthcare Community Health Plan, Pennsylvania

Vickie Allande-Fite

Vickie Allande-Fite photo

Managing Director

MS&L/Los Angeles

“My mentor pushed me to be ready for the unexpected. From the first interview, she threw me curve balls and kept me on my feet.”

-Vickie Allande-Fite

Even though she started out unsure of the direction she wanted to take, it didn’t take Vickie Allande-Fite long to channel her ambition and turn her enthusiasm of INROADS into focused, actionable steps towards a successful career.

She credits her INROADS mentor in part for her success. “My mentor pushed me to think beyond the obvious and be ready for the unexpected. From the first interview, she threw me curve balls and kept me on my feet.” Vickie quickly learned how to think fast and most importantly be comfortable with change and pressure.

As she celebrates her 20-year anniversary with INROADS, she has fond memories of being an Intern with no experience and appreciates her position of being the top ranking officer in her office today. She attributes her success to excellent training, personal discipline and amazing mentors and friendships within INROADS. These dynamics fueled her focus and bolstered her confidence at each turn.

Although it would have been easy for Vickie to postpone her career after college, she praises INROADS for creating opportunities and the infrastructure to take her ambition to the next level and create a foundation that carried her farther and faster that she could have done on her own.

Today with over 17 years experience in the public relations industry, Vickie Allande-Fite provides strategic counsel for brands seeking to understand and influence the ever-evolving U.S. Hispanic market A first-generation Mexican American, Vickie is bilingual and applies her professional and personal insights to drive diversity campaigns for clients such as P&G, Sunkist and Disney Store. Vickie also currently serves on the Southwest Regional Board of Directors for INROADS.