University of Puerto Rico

Internship: UTC Aerospace System

"I consider INROADS a very important company in my life. I take advantage of every opportunity and every event because everything they do is for our benefit."


Memories – one of the greatest aspects of the INROADS Internship Process for Interns during the internship experience. For Maria, it was an experience in the midst of innovation.

 “I had the opportunity to attend the Rhode Island Air Show as a VIP with the F119 Team from Hamilton Sundstrand and Pratt and Whitney. I saw the F-22 flying and performing like the outstanding aircraft that it is,” recounts Maria. “Working in such a diverse corporation makes your job much easier, fun, and interesting; always having in mind that UTC is a corporation that strives on innovation. ”

 INROADS also affords its Interns the opportunity to grow as a community leader. 

 “We had the opportunity to attend various community service events where, as future professionals, we are able to give back to the community,” she shared.

 Most importantly, the INROADS professional development programs instill confidence in an Intern’s professional abilities. As a relatively shy person, Maria learned to step outside of her comfort zone thanks to her INROADS mentor. Now, the future mechanical engineer is more confident than ever in her abilities.

 “My experience as an INROADS Intern has been an extraordinary one,” says Maria. “I’ve acquired a lot of knowledge about how to keep growing and learning everyday in order to become a successful Mechanical Engineer.”