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We are committed to connecting our corporate partners with highly qualified, diverse candidates who are ready to contribute on Day 1. We know it’s not about how many students you meet, but how well those students fit your positions. As your strategic partner providing talent to meet your diversity workforce needs, and talent from our professional graduate network – we are in this for the long-term, just like you.

INROADS Interns are the best and brightest diverse high school and undergraduate college and university students in North America. These outstanding students aspire to professional and leadership careers. They also attend four-year university programs or colleges and over 115 majors including business, accounting, actuarial science, engineering, computer and information sciences, sales, marketing, allied health, healthcare management, and retail store management. Interns must be highly motivated, resilient, and have the ability to get along well with others. As a leading international organization providing academic support and career training and guidance to nearly 1,800 Interns sponsored by over 200 companies, INROADS has been instrumental in sparking tremendous growth in the corporate world's commitment to making a substantial investment in future leadership for itself, as well as the greater community.

Developing Your Future Workforce

The INROADS process for developing Interns for professional corporate positions involves recruitment, multi-year summer Internships, and year-round coaching, and training activities. Through this system, INROADS Interns begin to learn the distinctive characteristics of the corporate world, develop required social skills and adeptness, and unravel some of the mysteries and complexities of the corporate community.

Sponsoring companies benefit from:

  • Early access and cultivation of talented people who have leadership potential.

  • An opportunity to hire individuals who understand the nature of a company's business and its corporate culture.

  • Directly increasing the number of people pursuing careers in the business, engineering, technology, and health fields.

  • Obtaining talent that have already been trained and coached to contribute on Day 1.

  • Working with INROADS who will listen to your specific needs to get the fit right.

  • Time savings of recruiting, developing and training students.

  • Our skills-based development process which focuses on the soft skills.

  • Access to our professional graduate network.

Sponsoring corporations commit to:

  • Providing a professional opportunity for an Intern each summer throughout his/her college career.

  • Providing input on the career development plan for each Intern.

  • Considering the Intern for full-time employment upon graduation from college.

  • Providing two performance evaluations each summer to evaluate the Intern's progress.

  • Designating a coordinator/liaison to INROADS, as well as a business advisor who will offer guidance to the intern on adjusting to the work environment.

  • Attending scheduled INROADS functions and activities.

  • Paying an annual sponsorship fee to INROADS, as well as the Intern's summer salary.

INROADS is privately funded through corporate sponsorship fees, foundation grants, and contributions. Learn more about the INROADS Advantage.

INROADS Professional Services

Gain access to INROADS Alumni talent through our international resume database of INROADS professionals with two to ten years experience representing various industries and disciplines. Post jobs for viewing by INROADS Alumni. Learn more about PROS by contacting our Alumni Relations Department at

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