INROADS Rewards Program Details

If you are a current INROADS Intern, Match Eligible Candidate or partnering organization and you refer a student that is PLACED with one of our corporate partners, you will be rewarded with $75 for each newly placed Intern up to $300 per academic year. You can also earn up to $50 per academic year for qualified applications received.

Internships are available nationwide with clients such as: United Technologies Corporation, Travelers, Lockheed Martin, Kaiser Permanente, Harris Corporation, United Health Group, MetLife, JPMorgan Chase & C0., Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association, AT&T and hundreds more!

To get started, first review the details . . . .


To encourage organizations and individuals to inform as many potential candidates of the INROADS Advantage.

Organization Requirements:

•Registered as an organization at a 4-year institution

•Maintain an account on campus

•Host one INROADS event per semester

•Promote INROADS on Social Media sites for organization

Sign-up to participate

Individual Requirements:

•Be an INROADS Intern or Match Eligible qualified candidate 

•Registered as a full time student

•Participate in one INROADS event per semester

•Promote INROADS on personal Social Media

How to Register and submit referrals:


Organizations must sign up to participate on a yearly basis by going to the following link: 

Organization REWARDS Sign-up

After registering and signing the REWARDS Agreement, organizations must also submit the referred candidate’s information by going to:

INROADS REWARDS Program Referral Submission


Individuals go to the following link to register and refer qualified candidates: 

Individual REWARDS Sign-Up

Application Process:

Referred candidates must apply online and under each section do the following:

“Select the #1 source that encouraged you to apply”, choose OTHER or name of organization

“Referred by”, they must type the name of the organization or individual that informed them of the INROADS opportunity. 

Internship Placement Timeline:

Candidate applications must be received between August 1st and April 30th of the academic year. No retroactive referrals will be honored.


Payments will only be made once a year after the academic year has ended usually at the end of the summer. The Organization/Individual will be responsible for contacting INROADS to request payment once eligibility has been met. INROADS will request pertinent information to facilitate payment of the Reward and send a W-9.

If an Organization/Individual does not respond to INROADS’s request for information in connection with a REWARDS Payment within ten (10) business days, the Reward will be forfeited and INROADS will have no obligation to pay the REWARD.

If the Organization/Individual has not received a Reward payment after following appropriate steps and within (90) calendar days, the Organization/Individual shall have ninety (90) calendar days to contact INROADS and request payment. Organization/Individual is responsible for any transaction fees associated with payment. Referred candidates that are not placed do not qualify for the incentive.


Track your referrals by using the following spreadsheet:  REWARDS Applicant Tracking Form


Rewards program questions can be sent to recruitment@INROADS.org and the subject line read, “INROADS Rewards Program”.