What is the Mock Interview?
The Mock Interview is a practice interview conducted for INROADS Candidates who have completed our corporate readiness training workshop titled the INROADS Candidate Prep Session (CPS).

Why is the Mock Interview conducted?
INROADS conducts the Mock Interview with candidates who completed the CPS to gauge if they’ve retained the interviewing skills and techniques reviewed during the training workshop.

What is the Mock Interview used for?
INROADS utilizes the Mock Interview as a coaching opportunity to provide constructive feedback to candidates on their strengths and/or areas of improvement as it relates to their interviewing skills.

INROADS evaluates a candidates’ interview readiness to go through a formal corporate interview for a summer internship based on their performance during the Mock Interview.

How can Mock Interviews be conducted?

Phone / Webcam / In-Person. Use the preference that is most convenient and conducive against your availability.

Where do you return completed Mock Forms?

Forms, questions, comments, etc. can be directed to recruitment@INROADS. org.
Mock Evaluation Forms should be submitted as individual forms.

Download Guide and Evaluation Form:
Mock Interview Guide
Mock Interviewer Overview