Donate your idle, functioning devices now!

We are excited to announce that we’ve launched an INROADS Device Donation Portal for INROADS staff, Alumni, Friends and Family, so that we can help close the digital divide.

The pandemic has exacerbated inequalities for communities of color, particularly in education. Students of color disproportionately lack access to an appropriate computing device and reliable wi-fi connectivity for digital learning. The impacts of COVID-19 are many, but its direct role in worsening the digital divide will impact generations.

INROADS and the Take on Race coalition, is partnering with the Digital Dreams Project to virtually collect your idle personal computing devices so that they can be refurbished, and recover value to be used to purchase and distribute computing devices to students and families of color. This will help to bridge the digital divide especially as we enter this coming school year.

Ready to get started? 
Use this link to start the donation process. If you have additional questions, there is a live chat box on the portal to answer any questions as well as a comprehensive FAQ page.

Together we can create a more digitally inclusive world. Thank you to all who choose to participate in this endeavor. You will receive updates on your donation and INROADS/Take on Race’s progress toward bridging the digital divide.

What about the data on my devices? 
Your data security is top priority. Your donated devices will be received at the Digital Dreams facility where all data will be wiped from the device to NIST SP 800.88 or DOD 5220.22-M standards . You will receive a certificate of data destruction for each device donated.


Take on Race’s “One Million Connected Devices Now” Campaign Provides Equitable Access to Students Impacted by COVID-19

Video Above: Forest T. Harper Jr., INROADS president and CEO, speaks at Take on Race Diversity Conference, September 2019.

ATLANTA (FEBRUARY 18, 2021) INROADS, Inc., a global solutions provider for addressing community disparities and talent pipeline issues, joins Take on Race Coalition – a group P&G developed in partnership with CEO Action for diversity and inclusion – in an effort to connect students to digital learning resources, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The nationwide coalition recently announced a $25 million investment to provide one million connected devices to students impacted by COVID-19. INROADS will play an essential role with the One Million Connected Devices Now initiative by providing the coalition with research and needs assessments to ensure equitable access to the devices for the families with the most need. INROADS will also be an adviser for the program’s scalability.

“There is something special about being able to provide families with direct access to resources that meet their most immediate needs. One of the major lessons COVID-19 has taught all of us — including working professionals, out-of-work citizens, teachers and students — is that having access to connected devices is pivotal to success,” said Forest T. Harper, Jr., president and CEO, INROADS, Inc.

The One Million Connected Devices Now initiative and the Take on Race Coalition partners include Dell, Intel, Dow Jones, Fidelity, Microsoft Corp., PNC Bank, PolicyLink, Wal-Mart, Comcast and others, and is also comprised of community organizations experienced in connecting students, families and communities.

“With more than 13.6 million digitally disconnected homes in America we are facing an emerging knowledge epidemic — one that will see underserved youth fall behind academically and be ill-prepared for opportunities to change their economic realities. INROADS embraces the challenge of playing a role in continuing to connect our families with opportunities to advance,” says Harper.

INROADS has a 50-year track record for promoting social justice by providing access to corporate career opportunities for diverse talent. Most recently, INROADS has been featured by Citi as holding the keys for slowing down the widening of America’s Racial Wealth Gap (read more).

To learn more about One Million Connected Devices Now, visit

INROADS was founded more than 50 years ago. Inspired by the famed I Have a Dream speech, Frank Carr founded INROADS to remove career barriers to corporate opportunities for people of color. It is the largest nonprofit organization committed to leadership and career development for underrepresented talent in the world. INROADS has prepared more than 154,000 diverse leaders with pre-employment skills and graduated more than 30,000 alumni into full-time professional positions with more than 1,000 corporate partners. Currently, INROADS serves 800-1,300 interns and 200 corporate clients. Learn more at and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn: @INROADSInc.

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