Derek Green, Councilman At-Large, City of Philadelphia

December 7, 2019

“As an organization, INROADS truly prepared me for my future career.” 

Growing up in Bensalem, PA, Councilman At-Large Derek Green lived a well-rounded childhood. He was a scholar athlete and captain of both his soccer and track teams. As an adolescent, Derek pictured himself as a future lawyer who, from an early age, had an interest in politics. However, his future career path was not determined until his life intersected with the INROADS organization. 

Derek stumbled upon the INROADS program while preparing to attend his first year of college at the University of Virginia (UVA). At this time, his mother, a retired public school teacher, taught a business curriculum at Olney High School in Philadelphia. It was there that her colleagues and friends shared an opportunity for promising students just like Derek. Shortly after learning about the opportunity, Derek entered the INROADS program and began his internship with Meridian Bank as his sponsoring company. Although he may not have foreseen his career path beginning in the banking industry, he is forever grateful for INROADS’ impact on the early stages of his career. 

“I had an outstanding INROADS experience. I was Meridian Bank’s first INROADS intern, and I still stay in touch with various retired bank executives.” 

His internship with Meridian not only helped him to become a banker and small business lender before he went on to achieve his goal of becoming a lawyer, but he also graduated from the INROADS program with a lot of quintessential tools to help him achieve corporate success. 

By the time graduation rolled around, Meridian’s partnership with INROADS flourished. Derek, who was once the only INROADS intern in the company, now had numerous INROADS interns working with him by the time he graduated. Seeing this untapped network of like-minded individuals led him to organize a networking conference for Meridian INROADS interns. Meridian wasn’t the only INROADS network Derek helped to grow. During his third year at UVA, he organized a networking group called “IN SUPPORT,” which brought UVA interns together to support one another throughout their internship process. 

Once Derek graduated from the INROADS program and became an alumnus of the program, his investment in the program did not stop there. After volunteering his time at various INROADS workshops in Philadelphia and becoming an alumni officer, he deservingly received the INROADS Alumnus of the Year award. 

“As an organization, INROADS truly prepared me for my future career. At an early age, INROADS provided me with a thorough understanding of professional organizations and corporate America,“ said Derek. His adventitious spirit and leadership capabilities led Derek down a successful path for his career. As he continues to grow his legal practice as an attorney with Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel, LLP, he is also seeking re-election for Councilman At-Large in 2019. 

Derek credits INROADS for constantly challenging him to always be prepared for every opportunity and how to network with not just his peers but also with his superiors. With those necessary life skills, INROADS shaped him for future success.