INROADS partners with government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels in achieving their diversity, equity, and inclusion goals. Through engagement with our INROADS programs, government agencies gain unrivaled access to a pipeline of talented and diverse students who are the future leaders of our nation.

Government Intern Testimonials



“My first internship was with the IRS, where I learned how a government agency runs its business. I appreciate all of the advice INROADS provided me. It made me have hope that I can gain experience and have mentors that believe in me and my abilities. INROADS opened a lot of doors for me that I didn’t think were possible, especially as a Latina woman. Coming from a family that values hard work, I knew the opportunities that INROADS provided would allow me to showcase the passion I had for my career and the determination to constantly seek new experiences. After I graduate I really want to make sure that I am able to transfer the skills learned through INROADS and my experience in my real-world job.”

- Natalia Duran, Towson University


“My INROADS experience was nothing more than a blessing. The skills, tips, and tricks provided to me by the great people at INROADS and the Library of Congress will be forever appreciated and utilized. The internship prepared me for the workforce because it made interacting with other professionals easier and helped me leave a positive lasting impression. I also learned the star interview method, which made interviewing less intimidating. I would highly recommend INROADS to any student who finds it difficult to land an internship. INROADS is making life easier for students by providing you with mentors, opportunities, and the knowledge to succeed.”

- Benny Baker, Senior, Elizabeth City State University (ECSU)


“ I absolutely love my INROADS experience. Prior to my time with INROADS, I had no major experience that would shape my career. I’ve been able to meet a lot of great people through my internship at the Library of Congress and through INROADS. I’ve been able to experience growth at a faster pace than at any other internship. By meeting a lot of the employees at the Library to actually working on projects that are not just “intern” tasks, I’ve been able to develop and enhance skills that I haven’t developed anywhere else. I would recommend INROADS to any student strongly pursuing their career.”

- Jalondra Jackson, Junior, Clark Atlanta University


“My INROADS experience and internship at the Federal Reserve Board have been nothing but a blessing. This program has exposed me to a lot of different opportunities and real-life work experience. I got to grow and learn everyday from my INROADS mentor who helped me think more about my next goals and helped me work on those goals. I have learned how to be a better speaker and a better leader in my community and organization.
After I graduate, I hope to secure a job with the Federal Reserve Board and go for my master’s in business or business construction.”

- Dorcas Wese, Junior, Trinity Washington University

    Capabilities Statement


    • Department of Defense (DoD)
    • Bureau of Land Management (BLM)
    • Federal Reserve Board (FRB)
    • National Credit Union and Administration (NCUA)
    • Office of the Comptroller and Currency (OCC)
    • Internal Revenue Services (IRS)
    • US Department of Treasury (DoT)
    • Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BoEP)
    • Library of Congress (LoC)
    • Bureau of Fiscal Services
    • NASA
    • General Services Administration (GSA)

    GSA Information

    Schedule 738 X | Human Capital Management and Administrative Support Services

    CONTRACT PERIOD: January 8, 2020 through January 7, 2025

    Federal ID #: 62-0967197 DUNS: 626137186 CAGE Code: 3Z9Z4 NAICS:
    611310 – Colleges, Universities and Professional Schools (INROADS Secondary)
    611430 – Professional Management Development Training (INROADS Primary)
    611513 – Vocational Apprenticeship Training
    611710 – Educational Support Services
    541611 – Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services
    541612 – Human Resources Consulting Services
    561110 – Office Administrative Services
    813410 – Civic and Social Organizations


    Gwenn Hodge
    Government Program Manager
    (202) 964-1904