Join INROADS for a virtual roundtable discussion focused on sustaining the momentum to bring about economic mobility for groups systemically left behind.

As of December 2020, McKinsey & Company tracked $66 Billion in contributions towards racial equity causes. The big question is what impact will these donations make? Where should investments be made in order to narrow the racial wealth gap? Will this level of investment continue? How do we ensure that the attention to racial equity lasts for more than this moment? Is it possible for corporations to meet or exceed financial goals while simultaneously advancing socially responsible goals? INROADS has convened a roundtable of thought leaders from corporate sectors who will tackle these questions.

Session Take-Aways

  • Grasp outlooks related to the state of black economy and the racial wealth gap
  • Learn about broad-based coalitions working to improve societal outcomes for people of color
  • Learn effective strategies that companies can employ to sustain the momentum towards achieving racial equity

Roundtable Panel

  • Frantz Alphonse, Senior Managing Director, Ariel Alternatives, LLC & Co-Founder, Project Black at Ariel Alternatives
  • Shelley Stewart, Partner, McKinsey & Company
  • Susan Stith, Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion & Civic Affairs, Cigna; Executive Director of Cigna Foundation
  • Barron Witherspoon, Global Industry Affairs & Corporate Race Initiative at Procter & Gamble; Leader, Corporate Race Initiative – Take on Race; Chair of INROADS National Board
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