INROADS Impact Series 

Investing in Racial Equity: More Than A Moment

With more than $66 billion invested by corporations over the last year, can the momentum towards advancing racial equity be sustained? If so, how? These were among the questions examined during INROADS’ virtual roundtable that featured four executive thought leaders representative of consumer goods, asset management, healthcare, and management consulting industries.

    Featured Panelists:

    • Susan Stith, Vice President, Diversity, Inclusion & Civic Affairs, Cigna; Executive Director, Cigna Foundation
    • Frantz Alphonse, Senior Managing Partner, Ariel Alternatives & Co-Founder, Project Black 
    • Shelley Stewart III, Partner, McKinsey & Company
    • Barron Witherspoon, Senior Vice President, Global Industry Affairs & Corporate Race Initiative, P&G 


    The Economic Landscape (Presentation Slides)

    • Racial Wealth Gap (McKinsey)
    • Wealth & Health Connection (McKinsey / Cigna)

    Solutions & Examples (Presentation Slides) 

    • Ideas for Fortune 500 CEOs (Ariel Alternatives)
    • Cigna’s Building Equity & Equality Program
    • Internal/External Strategies (McKinsey)
    • Key Factors for Collaborative Approaches (McKinsey)