INROADS, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, was founded in 1970 to operate for educational purposes in the public interest. The mission statement of INROADS is “to develop and place talented underserved youth in business and industry and prepare them for corporate and community leadership.” In carrying out this mission for the past 44 years, INROADS has developed expertise and operational competencies in internship program execution, workforce development, career placement, and related professional services. INROADS partners with over 400 academic institutions and 200 corporations resulting in the placement of 1,500 students (including approximately 500 STEM majors) in internship positions each year. INROADS increases increase workplace diversity by utilizing high-impact programming that ensures students are trained in soft and hard skills. Overall, these efforts improve college retention rates and strengthen the pipeline of highly-qualified, diverse candidates. INROADS retains an average of 75% of its students year to year. In 2014, 70% of INROADS’ graduates were hired while 7% entered graduate programs. To date, INROADS has produced 26,872 alumni. CORE COMPETENCIES -Student Recruitment: INROADS recruits underserved and minority students from over 400 colleges and universities, including PBIs, HBCUs, HSIs, PWIs, and other public and private institutions. 12,000 students apply for INROADS’ programs each year. -Talent Development: INROADS selects high-potential students and places them in degree-relevant internship positions. Each year, each intern receives 60 hours of workplace training, including 12+ hours of one-on-one coaching from certified talent management coaches. Business Development/Internship Management: INROADS partners with 200 companies willing to provide substantive work experience to college students. INROADS conducts internship placement processes and monitors each internship experience to ensure optimal benefits for students and business partners. -Program Development/Administration/Evaluation: INROADS customizes and develops pipeline programs tailored to specific industry needs (e.g., STEM, health, telecommunications, etc.). Program design includes outcomes measurement and evaluation processes. Finance Administration/Grants Compliance: INROADS prepares and tracks 11 different sets of monthly and annual financials (regions and enterprise). Each year, INROADS processes approximately 4,800 payments to 1,200 vendors. An average of 20 grants per year are managed and reported on in compliance with grantor’s regulations. DIFFERENTIATORS Expertise in Talent Management INROADS Managers, the frontline operators of the internship experience, are professionally trained and certified through The American Society for Training and Development (ASTD), an accredited entity offering specialized training for talent management personnel. Provider of Optimal Customer Service INROADS’ capacity for customer-driven processes is demonstrated through service to 1,500 college students each year, 200 corporations that host interns, 400 academic institutions, and thousands of active alumni who utilize INROADS’ mid-career professional services. Capacity to Reach Diverse Student Populations • 1,468 student interns participated in INROADS programs in Summer 2014, 47% were African American; 22% were Hispanic. • Since 2010, INROADS has produced 3,154 graduates including 1,698 Black/African-American and 767 Hispanic/Latino/Chicano students. • INROADS has maintained long-standing, active relationships with 20+ PBIs and HSIs. • INROADS has the capacity to reach talented diverse students from all types of institutions. For example, at least 50 INROADS interns attend Ivy League schools. Capacity to Reach Mid-Career Professionals • Each year, approximately 500 INROADS interns with business and STEM work experience graduate from college, ready to enter careers. • INROADS has produced over 26,000 professionals and has current contact information for 16,000 alumni; over 5,000 alumni actively engage with INROADS via social media. • INROADS utilizes a customized software program to advertise career opportunities specifically to INROADS Alumni. Efficient & Effective Program Implementation Model INROADS has effectively expanded its footprint by meeting the needs of local customers while utilizing organization-wide cost-saving efficiencies: • Decentralized Business and Talent Management Operations: Business development, intern recruitment and placement, intern training, and program evaluation are performed in local markets allowing for expanded reach and effective relationship management. • Centralized Administrative Functions: Intern recruitment and placement, program curricula, evaluation management, human resources, strategic planning, finance, accounting processes, communications, and information systems capacities are centrally administered, providing efficiency and consistency. History of Producing Exceptional Outcomes • INROADS outperforms national job offer rates and intern conversion rates: o 89% of the INROADS Class of 2014 interns accepted positions offered by their sponsoring companies o 70% of the INROADS Class of 2014 graduates entered full-time positions upon graduating o In 2014, INROADS’ graduates had a 51% conversion rate from internship to full-time hire with INROADS corporate partners, consistent with national averages (Sources: NACE 2014 Internship & Co-Op Survey; and INROADS 2013-2014 Affiliate Yearly Report) • INROADS graduates more alumni into management positions: o No other diversity or career development organization of this type has topped INROADS 26,000 graduates, who have secured management and executive positions with over 1,000 major corporations through the INROADS Process.


INPUTS ACTIVITIES OUTPUTS OUTCOMES EVALUATION MECHANISMS People Intern Managers Regional Directors Student Ambassadors Alumni Facilities Space thru university partnerships Exhibit space at Career Fairs and Conferences Systems/ Materials Online application Brochures Flyers Webinars Campus visits Career Fair & Conference participation Application screening Match-eligibility processing Candidate Preparation Sessions 1,400 hours of high-touch recruitment efforts (info sessions, career fairs, etc.) 140,000 hits to INROADS application webpage 12,000 completed applications 50% of recruitment targets submit successfully completed applications 70% of all applicants are deemed eligible for internship placement; 20% of eligible applicants are placed Sourcing question on application Feedback from students participating in Candidate Preparation Session


INPUTS ACTIVITIES OUTPUTS OUTCOMES EVALUATION MECHANISMS People Intern Managers Regional Directors Alumni Volunteers Corporate Partners Funding Intern Development Fees (paid by corporate sponsors) Intern Stipends (paid by corporate sponsors) Facilities Space thru university and corporate partnerships Systems/Materials eLearning Modules Onboarding / Orientation Learning Summit (2-3 day job readiness training) 10-week Internship eLearning Talent Management Coaching Structured Mentoring and Networking Sessions w/ Alumni 20 hours of direct workplace instruction 9+ hours of online instruction (soft skills, industry knowledge) 12+ hours of one-on-one career coaching 20+ hours of networking and mentoring with seasoned professionals 90% of interns feel prepared and confident in professional work environment 85% of internship providers rate intern match and intern performance as ‘very strong’ 75% of interns are converted into permanent hires upon graduating Pre- and post-assessments of interns’ skills and knowledge Intern Evaluations (completed by internship provider) Intern Self-Evaluation Surveys (job offers, future plans, etc.) Participant Tracking

ORGANIZATIONAL PROFILE Revenue 2013: $ 10,778,523 2012: $ 11,101,425 2011: $ 10,394,654