Use our contact form and select the Intern Relations group with any questions you may have about the INROADS program.
You may select one of the following methods:

Log in to the website and upload them or

You will be a assigned a staff representative after your application has been reviewed by an INROADS staff member.

Please return to the website in a few days to check and see if your status has been updated and if you have been assigned a staff representative. If you have any questions about this process please refer to your student profile for contact information.

Please visit our online application page to review the qualifications that internship applicants should meet.
Yes, INROADS does not screen based on citizenship because we do not make the final hiring decision. Students who meet our academic prerequisites are eligible to apply; however are subject to the hiring practices of our Corporate Partners including but not limited to citizenship and/or residency status.

Please contact the INROADS offices in Canada to inquire about citizenship or residency. The office in Mexico has unique requirements. You should contact them directly for more information prior to applying.

The same applies to Students on a VISA.

If you are attending a school that is located in a city (or state) that is different than your home address, it is recommended that you apply using the address you will be residing in during the summers you will be interning. Your application is routed based on the zipcode of the permanent address used in your application. INROADS doesn’t subsidize housing and rarely do our corporate partners, so the cost of living will usually be the responsibility of the intern.
There are several ways you can determine your status in the INROADS program:
Login to your online account on the INROADS website by clicking on the login link from the home page then entering your username and password.
Contact your INROADS representative via e-mail or phone
Contact the office to which you applied. See the contact information on the homepage of your online INROADS account.
You can select an office from any of the drop down lists on the INROADS website.

Please note: The Technical Support staff and the webmaster cannot provide you with information on your status in the INROADS program.

It is not recommended, as INROADS doesn’t subsidize housing and rarely do our corporate partners. We recommend applying in the area you wish to stay after graduating from college.
While there is no application fee, if you are selected as an INROADS Intern, you may be required to pay a minimal Intern activity fee. Questions regarding these fees should be directed to an INROADS staff member at the local office in your area.
U.S. students should complete the INROADS application before March 31st.

The office in Mexico has unique requirements and you should contact them directly with any questions.

Candidate Process

(1) Complete a Process Review Session (2) Complete the Candidate Prep Session Workshop (3) Complete a successful Mock Interview (4) Submit a One-Page Résumé, Unofficial Transcript [all College Juniors or applicants with one summer before graduation are also required to submit an Unofficial Degree Audit]. (5) An INROADS Team Member has to approve your résumé for corporate internship sourcing.
The INROADS CPS is a mandatory training workshop for all qualified candidates designed to enhance your corporate readiness and provide you with an understanding of INROADS and our corporate partners’ expectations. Candidates receive a complete overview of the INROADS process followed by a discussion on Impression Management, Résumé Development and Interview Preparedness. FACE-TO-FACE CPS WORKSHOPS CAN TAKE 2.5-4 HOURS DEPENDING ON THE NUMBER OF ATTENDEES.
Visit INROADS Candidate Prep Session National Registration Calendar to view the available In-Person and Webinar Candidate Prep Session Workshop options. INROADS STRONGLY ENCOURAGES ALL CANDIDATES TO ATTEND A FACE-TO-FACE CPS AS A FIRST OPTION, IF ONE IS AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA.

CPS Webinars require at least two hours to complete and they are facilitated live by an instructor(s). ONLY register for a webinar if you have been provided face-to-face CPS options not compatible with your location or schedule.

No, INROADS prefers you attend a face-to-face CPS if the location is feasible for you to get there on your own. Ideally, it would not take you more than 30-45 minutes to travel on your own to the nearest face-to-face CPS if we are not offering one on your campus.
Yes, participating in an INROADS CPS is mandatory, and is part of the preparation process in order to start communication with an INROADS manager about possible internship opportunities for the summer. You cannot move forward or be matched to any internship opportunities if you have not participated in an INROADS CPS either face-to-face or via webinar.
The INROADS Mock Interview is a practice interview conducted to help us gauge your interviewing skills. The Mock Interview helps us determine if you are ready to give a successful corporate interview or if we need to enhance your interviewing skills to ensure your best chances of landing one of our summer paid corporate internships.
If you cannot attend a face-to-face CPS and select to go through the 2-Hour webinar version; your Mock Interview is scheduled separately within 30-60 days of you completing the CPS Webinar.

INROADS strongly recommends that candidates who complete the CPS through our webinar platform, schedule a face-to-face or video Mock Interview when contacted by an INROADS representative. This provides a better level of engagement for you.

If you cannot schedule a face-to-face or video Mock interview, schedule a phone Mock Interview when you are contacted.

If you successfully complete the Mock Interview the first time, INROADS will update your internship application to reflect your Mock Interview is complete. This indicates to our INROADS Managers that you are able to give a good corporate interview. INROADS MANAGERS HOLD THE DISCRETION TO RE-DO THE MOCK INTERVIEW BEFORE SOURCING YOU TO ANY OF OUR CORPORATE PARTNERS.
If it is determined that you are not ready for a real corporate interview, you will be given the opportunity to practice on your own and will be scheduled for a follow-up Mock Interview within 5-7 business days from your last Mock Interview.

If you do well after the second try, then you are advanced to the next phase of our selection process. However, if after the second Mock Interview, you are determined to still need to enhance your interviewing skills; your application will be inactivated for later consideration if necessary.

Your résumé will be reviewed by an INROADS Manager or National Recruiter to ensure it is in line with the INROADS résumé standards. If there are any major edits needed, you will be advised to make those edits and resubmit. Anytime you edit or update your résumé, you should send INROADS a copy ( or upload it directly through your personalized application homepage. INROADS MANAGERS HAVE FINAL APPROVAL OF YOUR RÉSUMÉ FORMAT AND CONTENT BEFORE THEY CONSIDER SOURCING IT TO AN INROADS CORPORATE PARTNER.

If you need a copy of the INROADS Standard Résumé Templates, click here With Work History to download or click here Without Work History to download.

No, if your current résumé has ALL of the sections on our standard template(s), then you do not have to re-do or resubmit your résumé.
INROADS Managers can talk to candidates anytime through the preparation process. After you attend the INROADS CPS, successfully complete the Mock Interview, submit your unofficial transcript and your résumé has been approved; your application will be upgraded to Match Eligible status. The INROADS Manager is then permitted to start talking to/matching all Match Eligible candidates whom he/she might have possible internship opportunities to source.
Match Eligible means you submitted all required documents (FAQ 1), completed the CPS Workshop, participated in a successful Mock “practice” Interview and your résumé has been approved by an INROADS Manager. When a candidate is moved to Match Eligible, he/she is considered ready-to-interview with an INROADS Corporate Partner if an internship opportunity is available that meets the candidate’s career interest and/or the candidate meets the needs of the Corporate Partner.
Internship opportunities are not guaranteed for any candidate regardless if they’ve completed our prerequisites to be considered. However, INROADS matches and sources candidates’ résumés between the months of September through May of each year.

Candidates hear about internship opportunities based on the timeline the INROADS Manager(s) is working on with the Corporate Partner. It can occur instantly after you become Match Eligible or take several months.

If you do not hear anything by the end of May, then you were not selected for a corporate interview. Your application will automatically go back under review by the Talent Acquisition Department to determine if you can be considered for the following summer.

No, not all Match Eligible candidates receive internship offers for the summer. The internships are provided to the Match Eligible candidates that the Corporate Partners selects from a group of Match Eligible Candidates.
You will know you are selected for a corporate interview because you will either be contacted directly by an INROADS Manager to inform you of this either by phone call or email and/or you will be contacted directly by the INROADS Corporate Partner to schedule your formal interview.
No, it is not required because INROADS has an internship identifying process that matches candidates based on several parameters including but not limited to Major, Career Interest, GPA, Skill set, Location, etc. However, if you strongly have a Corporate Partner that you want to be considered for, you can share that with the INROADS Manager when you are going through the preparation process.

INROADS partners with over 230+ Corporations across the country but it is not guaranteed that we are partnered with the Corporation you might be interested in and/or they might not have a location in the area you have a preference to.

No, INROADS already has the internships so you do not have to seek one of our internships on your own. You simply have to complete the prequisites outlined in this FAQ to be considered for a potential summer internship.
Yes, you are not obligated or bound to INROADS for internships. INROADS is one of the sought after resources for undergraduate college students for Corporate Summer Paid Internships.

If you obtain an internship on your own outside of INROADS, simply email and indicate “Found internship, please remove my application” or visit Inactivate My Internship Application.

INROADS Managers are permitted to match candidates up to three corporate internships for consideration. This increases the candidate’s chances of getting selected for either one or more formal interviews.

It is up to the candidate if he/she wants to interview for multiple internship opportunities if they are selected for multiple.

No, but you should notify the INROADS Manager of this before you are contacted for a corporate interview. If an INROADS Manager contacts you and instructs that you will be contacted by a particular company for internship consideration, please inform the INROADS Manager of your non-interest if the internship and/or company is not of interest to you.
No, ideally, we would like for you to accept the internship offer, but if it is not the right fit, then you will go back into the consideration pool until our matching process is complete (typically end of May).
No, INROADS does not pay for relocation or transportation. However, there are some INROADS Corporate Partners who will offer a relocation stipend to assist with relocation if that is an option provided by the company. Most INROADS Corporate Partners DO NOT provide relocation assistance.

INROADS encourages candidates to first consider internships offered to them in their home region for ease of housing and transportation.

Please follow up with your college/university regarding its criteria for accepting academic credits from internships and the documentation required from the corporate partner. In many cases, the INROADS Corporate Partner would not have any issue complying; however, you will need to confirm their requirements with them. Please keep in mind, INROADS does not provide internship academic credit directly.
You are not considered an INROADS Intern until you are offered and accept an internship for the summer from one of our corporate partners. Submitting an application or interviewing with one or more of our Corporate Partners does not qualify you as an INROADS Intern. You must accept and start an internship with one of our Corporate Partners to be an INROADS Intern.
No, INROADS DOES NOT GUARANTEE INTERNSHIPS; internships are provided by our Corporate Partners who interview INROADS Match Eligible candidate(s).
Yes, all INROADS internships are paid internships. .
Yes, INROADS Internships are primarily full-time during the summer months only.
Yes, INROADS only offers internships to Full-Time UNDERGRADUATE college students.
You can either log into your personalized internship application webpage (click here to access login) and click on the “Update Your Information” Link. If you cannot access your webpage, email your updates to
Candidates can update Cell Phone, Home Phone, Email Address, Street Address and GPA. These changes are updated directly to your internship application and the Talent Acquisition Department receives a notice for each update you make.
Email your relocation options to, provide the locations and indicate “Please update my relocation options.”
INROADS requires a minimum cumulative GPA of at least a 3.0 to apply and to remain active for internship consideration.
If your cumulative GPA drops below a 3.0 after you apply, your application will move into inactive status until you are able to bring it back to or above a 3.0.
No, INROADS accepts the GPA given by the candidate’s current college/university. If your educational institution does not accept transfer GPAs, neither will INROADS.
After each semester, you are required to submit an unofficial copy of your transcript to INROADS either by uploading it directly into your personalized internship application homepage or emailing it to
Log into your internship application personalized homepage (click here to access login) and follow the prompts to the left-hand side of your homepage.
If you cannot access your personalized application homepage because you forgot your username and/or password, please email and provide your First/Last Name.

If you need to access your homepage to submit an updated résumé, transcript or degree audit, you can email them to and a INROADS Team Member will upload them for you.

No, however, if you were contacted by an INROADS Manager or National Recruiter, their contact information is located in their email signature. is our general Talent Acquisition Department Help Desk, which you can contact with any question.

If your availability for a summer internship has changed, notify INROADS by emailing and indicate “No Longer Available” or visit Inactivate My Internship Application. Your application will move to inactive status; however you can contact INROADS in July to reactivate your application for the upcoming summer, pending you continue to meet the academic criteria. YOU ARE NOT REQUIRED TO RE-APPLY.
Email and indicate “Application Withdrawal” or visit Inactivate My Internship Application.