March on Washington 60th Anniversary

“Commemorating the March on Washington’s 60th Anniversary”

A message from Forest T. Harper, Jr., INROADS President & CEO
Forest T. Harper, Jr. at 7 years old
Forest T. Harper, Jr. at 7 years old

Did I, as a 7-year-old black boy growing up in the public housing projects of Fort Pierce, FL, truly comprehend the significance of the March on Washington in 1963? Did my family, community, and I all come to realize how the March became the pathway that allowed me to transition from living in the projects to reaching the highest levels of corporate America? Did I know INROADS, the organization that I have the humble privilege to lead, was established because of the March on Washington by its founder, Father Frank C. Carr?

You see, it's simple: without a March on Washington, there would be no INROADS. Thanks to the March and the visionary leadership of our founder, Father Carr, we take pride in the fact that we have influenced the lives of more than 154,000 talented, underrepresented youth over the span of 50 years. INROADS has had a direct impact on enhancing the diversity of C-Suites throughout our nation. For example, Thasunda Duckett, the CEO of TIAA, proudly acknowledges that INROADS played a significant role in shaping her career journey.

Forest T. Harper, Jr. at 7 years old
Forest T. Harper, Jr. at 7 years old
Coretta Scott King and INROADS Founder, Father Frank C. Carr

As we commemorate the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington, we are also confronted with the ongoing challenge of addressing and resolving the racial wealth gap in America. Our focus remains on finding solutions that will narrow this gap and promote greater equity for all.

INROADS is the solution to addressing this problem, and I am honored to lead as we work towards fulfilling Martin Luther King Jr.'s dream and Father Carr's vision of reducing the economic and racial wealth disparity in America.

Let us continue the March and join INROADS for the next 60 years as we create pathways to future career opportunities for underrepresented talent. Please support the INROADS mission, broaden your talent pool for paid internships, or invest in our award-winning programs.