Clarence “Chance” Stephens, IV was born and raised in the small seaside town of Beaufort, South Carolina, to parents Clarence and Angela Stephens. He has a younger brother, Austin, who is a senior in high school, and a future INROADER.

Since childhood, Chance has always had a strong entrepreneurial focus and has taken steps to explore and learn about business. Creating flyers for his landscaping business; learning from his dad how cars work, so he could offer auto-repair services, or trotting along the neighborhood selling lemonade out of his Red Flyer wagon; Chance has always been a self-starter; all of this and more have helped to seamlessly transition him into a successful business owner today.  Chance developed, owns, and operates a professional full-service visuals company and clothing brand.

Currently, Chance is a third-year student at Morehouse College, studying Kinesiology with a minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation. He has excelled academically, earning Deans List honors for six consecutive semesters while also being active on campus with membership in the Morehouse Business Association, the Morehouse Chapter of the NAACP, and as a consulting intern with the Morehouse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center.

Chance has participated in summer internships with INROADS, working in 2021 as an administrative intern in the inaugural cohort for the Propel Center and in 2022 as an intern for the Career Pathways Program. He currently serves as INROADS’ first Student Advisory Board President, providing counsel and new strategies to organization executives.

Outside of the busy life of a student, Chance enjoys travel, capturing moments with his camera, and sports. He has adopted his late grandfather’s motto of “Do what you can do, and nothing extra,” meaning to always give full effort and be kind to yourself regardless of the outcome, propelling him to always be the best version of himself.