Dirgesh Patel, an INROADS alumnus, was first introduced to INROADS 23 years ago. He was 17 years old, and the impact INROADS made on him was tremendous.

Dirgesh started his career at Hewlett-Packard, where he spent nine years as an engineer working on products that still exist in the workforce today. After Hewlett-Packard, Dirgesh was blessed to run his own consulting company and move across various leadership positions, finally leading him to run and manage a Dallas-based company as their CEO to help expand and merge with another firm.

INROADS has been a close part of Dirgesh’s life as he still references his INROADS days to his colleagues and co-workers. INROADS allowed Dirgesh to expand his wings and understand the corporate life while still being close to his roots.

Today, Dirgesh is helping with Climate Change by serving as Chief Technology Officer at Finite, an investment fund focused on sustainable assets driving toward a carbon-neutral future. In addition, Dirgesh serves as Chairman and Founder of Green Lotus Investments, an investment firm focused on giving back to the community of Portland, Oregon, in curing homelessness and providing care for families in need.