It is because of you that we can continue the INROADS’ mission. By donating to the INROADS Southeast Region, you will ensure the mission of INROADS founder, Frank Carr, in aiding underserved and highly talented youth. Your gift will provide scholarships and professional development opportunities for the youth of the INROADS Southeast Region.

In 1970, Father Frank Carr set out on a mission to provide leadership development to underserved and highly talented youth; and connect those youth to corporate and community leadership opportunities. Inspired by the historic March on Washington in 1963, Father Carr founded INROADS to fulfill this mission.

Today, INROADS has impacted more than 155,000 professionals around the world. They have provided Fortune 500 companies and influential businesses with capable and diverse leaders. And, each year they help connect nearly 2,000 youth to their professional future.

Thank you for your contribution that allows us to preserve the INROADS’ mission.