Supreme Court Decision Statement

ATLANTA, GA [June 30, 2023]  – We at INROADS, a non-profit organization that creates pathways to careers for ethnically diverse high school and college students across the country, want to share our concern and disappointment regarding the recent decision by the Supreme Court of the United States to reverse affirmative action in Students for Fair Admissions, Inc. (SFAI) v. President and Fellows of Harvard and SFAI v. University of North Carolina.

Statement from INROADS CEO and President Forest T. Harper

“The Supreme Court ruled that race-conscious admissions practices at Harvard College and the University of North Carolina are unconstitutional. INROADS expresses disappointment and concern for what the Supreme Court’s rejection of affirmative action policies in higher education will mean for the decades of hard work many have invested in reconciling the legacy of systemic racial oppression and discrimination. Limiting access to education and employment opportunities for the historically marginalized signals that the goal of reconciling generations of systemic racial discrimination is yet to be achieved. Leveling the playing field in education and employment is work that is far from complete.

INROADS will continue bridging the gap between schools and careers through our college and career readiness programs. Our life-changing mission to promote equity in our communities and within corporate America has made and will continue to make, strides in closing America’s racial wealth gap.

Now more than ever, especially in the face of the Supreme Court’s disappointing decision, we must stand together to lift up and support the historically underserved and underrepresented.”