Clients receive a savings of time and dollars spent recruiting, screening, matching, coaching, and training their diverse interns. They also receive the benefits of “fit” because the INROADS process emphasizes the communication with them to know and understand their business, while simultaneously, knowing and coaching our students.

This relationship ultimately leads to increased bottom-line business results of intern retention, full-time employee conversion, full-time employee retention, and leadership succession planning. Sponsors also receive access to the exclusive INROADS network of college graduates to meet immediate workforce goals and provide experience, seasoned professionals. Lastly, INROADS Interns are trained each summer to contribute value to the companies which they work for an immediate contribution, adding to the company’s bottom line.

As an organization of foresight, specializing in the training and development of talented underserved students, it is our business to be aware of the changes in emerging student perceptions, behavior, and values. Clients benefit from our strategic partnership by receiving guidance, insights, and strategies that inspire diverse, millennial undergraduates to become future corporate leaders. Simultaneously, we train our students to be compatible with their corporate work environment.

Take a look at these significant differences between INROADS trained millennials and those who are not:

Dislike criticism

Need more direction and input

Have a strong sense of “entitlement”

Need more praise

Have hovering parents

INROADS Trained Millennials

Have involvement of INROADS coaching professionals

Receive corporate mentors to fill that need

Expect to work for what they get

Receive additional positive feedback from INROADS coaching professionals

Have the involvement of INROADS professionals