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Since our founding, INROADS has been a leader in advancing diverse youth in corporate America. We offer talented, underrepresented youth a pathway from high school to college and throughout their career that breaks through the glass ceiling and closes the opportunity and wealth gaps. INROADS career development pathway extends a support system that can last a lifetime.
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    Inroads Stories


    Mark Wilson

    University of Southern California
    Major: Financial Analyst
    INROADS Internship Company: Disney Consumer Products
    Internship: Financial Analyst
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 1995 Company: Marine Gear Sailing Gloves
    Current Job Title: Owner & Brand Innovator

      “As the son of immigrant parents, I had very little resources in the form of professional networks or mentorship when trying to begin my career in corporate America. INROADS taught me how to interview and dress for a professional career, how to improve my resume and communication skills, and, most importantly, to put in as much as I hoped to get out of the program.”


    Saaima Khaliq

    University of Connecticut
    Major: Finance
    INROADS Internship Company: Arthur Andersen
    Internship: Accounting
    Company: New Mountain Capital
    Current Job Title: CFO of Private Equity Operations

      “I had the best INROADS experience. My journey with INROADS was the start of my business career. I received training in terms of business etiquette, resume writing, and interviewing, as well as gaining knowledge about different career opportunities. INROADS matched me with Arthur Andersen, a public accounting firm, for my internship. The training was great, and meeting other people like me was a very interesting experience. I'm still friends with a lot of those same peers who are now very successful in different organizations. Meeting these very motivated individuals who had the same goals motivated me even more to do better and better. I loved the connectivity that we had with other students, mentors, and managers who supported me along the way.”


    Yanela Espinoza

    Montclair State University
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2023
    INROADS Internship Company: CDC
    Internship: LTC Analyst Company: NJ Department of Health
    Current Job Title: Program Specialist

      "INROADS empowered me to have a voice in the public health space. As a champion for Latinos in health care, I want them to know they have a voice and that someone is fighting for them, ensuring they have access to proper healthcare, regardless of language or immigration status.”


    Vikie Fite

    Loyola Marymount University
    INROADS Internship Company: MSL
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 1993
    Company: MSL
    Current Job Title: Senior Vice President (Communications for Corporate Practice as well as Hispanic-focused accounts)

      “My INROADS internship at MSL exposed me to a dynamic career path I never knew existed and have come to love with great passion. The training and early opportunities provided by INROADS strengthened my confidence to keep reaching for new opportunities.”


    Kareem Rogers

    The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania
    Major: MBA - Strategic Management & Finance
    Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
    Major: Bachelor's degree - Accounting and Africana Studies
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 1997
    Company: ADP
    Current Job Title: President, National Account Services

      "I found my professional calling during an internship with RubinBrown through the INROADS program. INROADS led me to believe 'I could make it here.' A lot of good people wanted to see me be successful, and that was enough for me to pursue a career at RubinBrown, where I’ve been growing over the last two decades."


    Steven Harris

    University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL)
    Major: Accounting
    INROADS Internship Company: INROADS Alumnus
    Company: RubinBrown LLP
    Current Job Title: Managing Partner

      "I found my professional calling during an internship with RubinBrown through the INROADS program. INROADS led me to believe 'I could make it here.' A lot of good people wanted to see me be successful, and that was enough for me to pursue a career at RubinBrown, where I’ve been growing over the last two decades."


    Kelly Jackson

    Northern Illinois University
    INROADS Internship Company: Zurich American Insurance
    Internship: Marketing Internship
    Company: BP
    Current Job Title: Vice President People and Culture Capability

      "INROADS had a profound impact on my professional career. The INROADS experience provided me with exposure, experience, and knowledge to navigate the corporate landscape. I loved the friendships and connections I made throughout my INROADS experience, but I am extremely grateful for the corporate training and knowledge that was imparted to me. Having not worked in a corporate environment, INROADS equipped me with the key skills needed to be successful.”


    Zar-Tashiya Khan

    Bryant University, 2016
    INROADS Internship Company: Lockheed Martin
    Internship: Contracts Intern
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2019
    Current Job Title: Contracts Analyst for Jhpiego

      “INROADS provided me with the opportunity to secure an internship in the otherwise challenging-to-enter defense industry. This experience allowed me to refine my resume for future positions at companies and NGOs that are pioneers in their fields. I interned at Johns Hopkins and have since been able to return there in my current role. Today, I am a Contracts Analyst for Jhoiego, an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University in the global health and development sector. I work at the crossroads of global health and development on the RISE project, which spans across Francophone regions, South America, and Asia.”


    Aliya Willis

    Georgia State University
    INROADS Internship Company: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ
    Internship: Security Administration
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2001
    Current Job Title: Senior Relationship Manager, Senior Vice President at Bank of America

      “INROADS exposed me to corporate America early in my collegiate career. I interviewed with multiple Fortune 500 companies and was fortunate to receive numerous offers and chose the company I wanted to work for I also made life-long friendships with people I met through INROADS. I love that INROADS provides structure to young people to help guide their collegiate and professional paths.”


    Theodore Dieujuste

    Rutgers University Newark, 2023
    INROADS Internship Company: Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of NJ
    Internship: Security Administration
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2019 Current Job Title: Legal Navigator at Newark Community Solutions

      “INROADS provided me with the crucial opportunity to secure my first internship, polish my resume, and enhance my interviewing skills. This initial internship experience was invaluable, allowing me to gain essential insights and skills that paved the way for securing a subsequent role and navigating the corporate world with confidence. The experience not only helped me identify my preferences in a position but also played a pivotal role in shaping my career trajectory. INROADS instilled in me the importance of gaining transferable skills and inspired me to discover the connections between my career and passions. Thanks to INROADS, I now approach every role with a different perspective, appreciating my current position while always planning for the future.”


    Ed Fields

    Alabama State University
    Major: Business Administration
    Company: City of Birmingham
    Current Job Title: Senior Advisor & Chief Strategist

      "“My INROADS experience was overwhelmingly positive. INROADS put me in a position to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences, both personally and professionally. INROADS was and still remains a sustainable competitive advantage for me, for communities of color, and for the corporations that employ these youth.”

    Alex Villanueva

    Kennesaw State University
    INROADS Internship Company: Cox Automotive Inc.
    Internship: Manheim Mission Control Intern
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2016
    Company: EY
    Current Job Title: Cyber Program Transformation Senior Consultant

      "I would not be where I am today without INROADS. My only regret during my undergraduate years was not finding out about this life-changing organization a lot sooner.”

    Betsy Lopez

    SUNY Albany
    INROADS Internship Company: EY
    Internship: Campus Recruiting Intern
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2006
    Company: EY
    Current Job Title: Americas Diversity, Equity and Inclusiveness - Assistant Director

      "My INROADS internship experience was transformational and truly life-changing. The program prepared me for my role in corporate America by providing me with the foundational knowledge needed to be a successful, entry-level employee in a professional organization. This included insights on how to dress appropriately, office lingo, resume critique, and most importantly providing me with a network of other racially and ethnically diverse interns that became a support system of lifelong connections.”

    Divanny Peña

    Kennesaw State University
    Major: Industrial Engineer
    INROADS Internship Company: PepsiCo
    Internship: Manufacturing Engineer Intern
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2017
    Company: Pratt & Whitney - RTX
    Current Job Title: The Principal Industrial Engineer

     "INROADS taught me all of the soft skills necessary to navigate the professional environment, lessons which I would not have received during my college education. By providing internships where I could put the learnings from the INROADS training into practice, I was able to find my own voice in the workplace. I feel more confident discussing promotions, wage increases, and performance thanks to the experience afforded to me by my INROADS internship.”

    Marcos Vega

    Marquette University
    Major: Business
    INROADS Internship Company: M&I Bank (Now BMO Bank)
    Internship: Junior Associate, Treasury Management
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2006
    Company: BMO Bank
    Current Job Title: Senior Vice-President, Relationship Manager

     “The staff and curriculum at INROADS set me up for a prosperous career by teaching me what it takes to be productive and successful in a corporate work environment. The things I now take for granted like how to dress, communicate, and network, were all part of my learning as an INROADS intern.”

    Christina Trujillo

    Arizona State University
    Major: Finance INROADS Internship Company: Bank of America
    Internship: Finance Intern
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 1993
    Company: Sony Electronics Inc.
    Current Job Title: Privacy Officer

     "My INROADS internship was the start to a long career in the financial services industry. Because I was able to have such a diverse internship experience at Band of America, I landed a job as an Internal Auditor for First Interstate Bank (now Wells Fargo Bank) after graduation. INROADS provided me with the professional tools I needed to hit the ground running in corporate America.”

    Angela Kim

    Smith College
    INROADS Internship Company: Connecticut Natural Gas Corporation
    Internship: Market Research Intern
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 1990
    Company: Publix Super Markets
    Current Job Title: Senior UX Researcher

    “The INROADS Internship program provided me with a business foundation and understanding of corporate culture, including the importance of building alliances and advocates across different departments. Today, I specialize in designing inclusive research that informs the creation of user-friendly, accessible digital experiences for Publix Super Markets. As a first-generation Latina high school and college graduate, my cross-cultural identity and bilingualism allow me to smoothly code-switch between communicating in English with corporate peers and interacting with Publix store associates in Spanish.”

    Janel Caminos

    Texas State University
    INROADS Internship Company: AT&T
    Internship: Operations Intern
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2012
    Company: HP, Inc.
    Current Job Title: Global DEI Program Manager

    "INROADS removed the barriers of entry for me to gain professional experience as a college student at a large company. My internship experience helped me stand out from other candidates after graduation and my career has continued to advance ever since. I'm forever grateful for my INROADS internship.”

    Eric Rodriguez

    University of Houston
    INROADS Internship Company: Shell Oil
    Internship: Computer Systems Associate (2001) and Electrical Engineer (2005)
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2005
    Company: Change Maker LLC
    Current Job Title: Founder, Speaker and Mentor

    "My INROADS program leader, managers, and mentors were instrumental in my development as a professional. As a first-generation college student, having internships in Corporate America was a new thing for my family. After I graduated and began working full-time, I was able to mentor students and interns, helping develop the next generation of leaders with the experience I gained. The INROADS experience cultivated that mindset in me.”

    Imelda Ruiz

    University of Colorado Colorado Springs
    Major: Engineer
    INROADS Internship Company: Colorado Springs Utilities
    Internship: Engineer Intern
    Internship Class: INROADS Alumnus Class of 2008
    Company: Colorado Springs Utilites
    Current Job Title: Engineer Supervisor for Substation & Transmission Engineering

    "INROADS offered me hands-on experience in a field I was still exploring, helping me determine I wanted to become an engineer. As a first-generation student, I really benefited from training that helped me understand how to navigate the professional world. Training included topics I had little to no prior exposure to, including resume building, interviewing skills, and table etiquette.”

    Martha Vargas

    St Olaf College
    Major: Money Market & Advisory Account
    INROADS Internship Company: Piper Jaffray (now US Bank)
    Internship: Money Market & Advisory Account Services Intern
    Company: Spark Ventures
    Current Job Title: Program Manager

    “INROADS was instrumental in helping me gain the most out of my internship experience, guiding me through the interview process and preparing me for what to expect once I received the opportunity – from what to wear to professional conduct. INROADS not only set me up for success in the corporate world but also inspired me to be a community leader. I am now making a difference in a global setting in my role at Spark Ventures.”

    Beau Everett

    Ursinus College
    Senior, Class of 2024
    Major: Applied Economics with a concentration in Finance
    INROADS Internship Company: Export-Import Bank of the U.S. (EXIM)

    “I am studying applied economics with a concentration in finance at Ursinus College. I’ve always had an interest in how the economy and money work. INROADS has been an absolutely great experience for me. The experience has put me ahead of some peers as far as my internship experience, career development, and networking opportunities. INROADS has helped me secure three internships in my field of interest for three summers in a row.”

    Markesia Howard

    Bethune-Cookman University
    Senior, Class of 2024
    Major: Sociology, Minor in Criminal Justice
    INROADS Internship Company: CDC, ATL GA

    “I found out about INROADS from my uncle, who is an INROADS alum. I am so grateful for the opportunities INROADS has given me. The program has helped me with decision-making and identifying the next steps in pursuing my career. Having an internship with the government has changed my outlook, and I have learned so much. I also had so much fun! I would recommend everyone to be a part of INROADS because this program is truly the best and has given me opportunities like no other! I have always been dedicated to becoming the best I can be and giving my all. I want to create the best work-life in the future, and INROADS has helped me with that.”

    Ramisha Ali

    Georgia State University
    Senior, Class of 2024
    Major: Bachelor's in Public Health
    INROADS Internship Company: Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

    “INROADS helped me gain confidence, step out of my comfort zone, and improve my speaking skills. I secured an internship at the CDC through INROADS, which will help me stand out amongst other applicants when applying for a job. INROADS has opened so many doors to future opportunities.”

    Kameron Thorpe

    Stevenson University
    Senior, Class of 2024
    Major: Cybersecurity & Digital Forensics
    INROADS Internship Company: Bureau of Engraving & Printing

    “My goal is to work as a Cybersecurity Analyst, then work my way up to Chief Information Security Officer. INROADS has helped me stay focused and educated me on various career path options, ensuring that I never felt stuck in one spot when it came to excelling in my career field. My INROADS National Conference experience was very insightful, and I learned important lessons on how to grow professionally. The INROADS experience has prepared me for what to expect in the real working world. INROADS genuinely cares about your growth and development as a professional, and they help create a path with steps to achieve your goals.”

    Timothy Shaia

    University of Maryland
    Class of 2026
    Major: Economics
    INROADS Internship Company: U.S Department of the Treasury

    “The INROADS internship program helped me in my professional development. INROADS helped me gain a high-caliber internship I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. I have also completed interview skills, elevator pitches, resume reviews, and more.”

    Rebekah Plaza

    College: University of Texas at El Paso
    Major: Economics/Human Resources Management
    INROADS Internship Company: Philadelphia Insurance Companies

    “The INROADS internship program helped me in my professional development. INROADS helped me gain a high-caliber internship I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. I have also completed interview skills, elevator pitches, resume reviews, and more.”

    Najee Speaks-Farewell

    Bowie State University
    Major: Business Information Systems
    INROADS Internship Company: Pfizer and Apple through the Propel Center

    “INROADS gave me a foundation, network, skills, real-world experience, travel, pay, and an opportunity to see what it is I really want to do in life. I love INROADS because INROADS believed in me before I ever thought a corporate career was possible. INROADS has helped me build confidence and shaped me into the great man I am today.”

    Nazaret Cuadros

    Barnard College of Columbia University
    Major: Computer Science
    Minors: Psychology, Spanish and Latin American Studies
    INROADS Internship Company: PayPal

    “INROADS gave me the connections with corporate internships that I wouldn't have been able to get otherwise. I appreciate all the training and support they've provided and how nice everyone at INROADS is. They connected me to PayPal that offered me my first corporate internship.”

    Kamryn Lacy

    Kennesaw State University
    Major: Marketing/Public Relations
    INROADS Internship Company: UnitedHealth Group

    “I loved that INROADS provided amazing professional development and internship opportunities for ethnic minorities in an abundance of different fields. The INROADS internship program has allowed me to sit at tables that I never would have thought I would be sitting at before. INROADS has provided me with an amazing network, brilliant job opportunities, and great experiences that I can apply to my future career.”

    Juan Sanchez

    University of Houston
    INROADS Intern

    "From the knowledge gained about the oil industry & completions to the great people met along the way, my experience was very rewarding. I could not have asked for a better internship experience to start off my engineering career. Very excited for what the future has in store for me!"

    Talia Coryat

    Howard University
    Major: Psychology
    Minor: Music (Classical Voice)
    INROADS Internship Company: JPMorgan Chase & Co.

    “I first heard about INROADS from my mother, who is an Alum of the program. I learned about how beneficial the program was in her early adulthood, and I wanted to take full advantage of the opportunity as well! The INROADS internship program helped me land both of my summer internships in college while enhancing my professional development skills as well as expanding my network.”

    Catalina Maria Buchek

    University of Georgia
    Major: Economics
    INROADS Internship Company: Arch Insurance / State Farm Insurance

    “INROADS helped me grow personally and professionally. The mentorship was exceptional and the support I've got throughout the years was terrific and much needed for my well-being. It has opened the doors to the professional world for me. The program has taught me the how-to's of both working and adulthood.”

    Natalya Fuentes

    Pace University- Lubin School of Business
    Major: Business Management
    INROADS Internship Company: Symetra
    Post-College Plans: Full-time position of Symetra

    “INROADS helped me better my interview skills and opened doors to opportunities. INROADS has given me a great internship experience and I was able to get a full-time job out of it!”

    Alex Edwards

    Jackson-Reed High School
    Hometown: Washington, D.C.

    “INROADS gave me the correct mindset to attack any challenge the world gives me. One of my takeaways from INROADS is ‘my behavior is my responsibility.’ The program really emphasized accountability which resonated with me.”

    Adrianna Morton

    Oxon Hill High School
    Hometown: Clinton, MD
    College Plans: Spelman College as a Biology major with Creative Writing and French as minors

    “As a participant in INROADS College Links, I noticed the rich culture of youth from varying backgrounds. My senior year was an exciting time to become engaged with INROADS as I met lifelong friends with goals of pursuing similar paths in higher education. Additionally, I developed skills and knowledge in financial literacy. I hope to maintain the connections and bonds I have developed through the program.”

    Benjamin Lioue

    College Links - Newark

    “As a former College Links Scholar, I am excited to say that I graduated from Rutgers University, and I am working at JPMorgan Chase & Co. as an Internal Audit Associate. Thank you for this amazing program!"

    Olivia Stewart

    Bishop O'Connell High School
    Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia
    College Plans: University of Virginia

    “INROADS was a great opportunity for me to prepare me for a future career.”

    Jade Defranc

    Wilson Baker Academy
    Hometown: Upper Marlboro, Maryland
    New York University

    “INROADS has given me the knowledge I need to feel completely ready for college. I have been homeschooled for the majority of my academic career, and I have not received a lot of college prep. With the knowledge that INROADS has provided, I have gained more confidence in having the tools I need to be successful in my college experience. I am deeply thankful to INROADS and cannot wait to continue my journey through college supported by the program.”

    Jasmin Azan

    Chesapeake Science Point Charter School
    Hometown: Hanover, MD
    North Carolina State University

    “Through INROADS, I connected with other academically inclined students my age and built my network.”

    Sekou Kaalund

    Vice-Chair, INROADS Board of Directors
    Head of Consumer Banking, NE Div at J.P. Morgan

    “My vision for INROADS is to both serve the needs of students and corporations in their evolution to hiring more diverse talent. Post George Floyd there's obviously still an important need for greater diversity. My vision is that INROADS continues to be one of the key organizations that enable corporations to tap into diverse talent, but also continues to prepare that diverse talent to capitalize on opportunities.”

    Zion Richardson

    Junior, University of Wisconsin
    Intern at Ingredion

    “INROADS has a phenomenal program. It’s not a shortcut, rather it’s a way to get a foot in the door. It definitely helped me get a running start to my future!”

    Zion Richardson

    Junior, University of Illinois at Chicago
    Intern at Rush University Medical Center

    “I am beyond thankful for everything that INROADS does. INROADS gave me something I never thought I would have a pathway to my future!”


    Co-President, Houlihan Lokey

    “We are deeply committed to having an impact in the lives of young people of diverse backgrounds seeking to prepare for and build careers in our industry. In doing so, we strive also to position Houlihan Lokey as a positive force for change in the financial services industry.”

    Thasunda Brown Duckett

    INROADS Alumni
    President & CEO, TIAA

    “INROADS was not just a great catalyst, it was my disrupter. INROADS changed my trajectory. To be surrounded by other interns with the support of INROADS that is pouring into your confidence, showing you what it means to network and engage in an executive forum. Reminding you that your magic is real. That is what INROADS provided me.”


    Director, Corporate Social Responsibility and Philanthropy
    Dollar General

    “We cannot thank INROADS enough for what you’re doing and for your alignment in our belief that every student, every child, every adult has the right to learn and to have every opportunity afforded to them.”

    Felicia Abram

    INROADS Parent

    “We want the world for our children, and INROADS has opened a world of opportunities for my two sons, Nicholas and Sage. Because of INROADS, my children have confidence in public speaking, strong interview skills, and are prepared for corporate and community leadership.”


    INROADS FSI Program Participant
    Georgia State University

    “My experience at FSI has expanded my knowledge in my professional career and personal growth. FSI works with students to become the best versions of themselves and has prepared me for the future. I would recommend this program to all students.”

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